Nicole Burrill - Owner

Nicole teaches genuine, soulful, empowering classes. Her intention as the owner of Chakra Power Yoga is to create a space for practitioners of all levels to come to together to identify, practice and live their personal version of the ancient and powerful tradition of yoga. Nicole completed her 200hr Teacher Training under the guidance of Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti, her 500hr with Rolf Gates, Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti, her Level I & II Children’s Yoga Teacher training through Radiant Child and her Reiki I & II with Pat Iyer. Nicole is also a Relax & Renew certified Restorative Yoga Teacher having studied under Judith Hanson Lasater and has completed multiple Therapeutic Yoga Trainings with Alex Amorosi. In addition to teaching yoga Nicole is also a novelist and mother of two boys. 

Adrienne Dancey Mandigo - Studio Manager

Adrienne Dancey Mandigo is an educator in many senses of the word. She teaches adult, teen, kids & Mommy and Me yoga classes, is a private elementary school tutor, and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Chakra Power Yoga with Nicole Burrill and Tim Kelleher.

As of late, she has been contemplating the sutra: Sthira sukham asanam. She looks to always find a balance of strength and softness both on and off the mat. She loves teaching classes that incorporate this idea and connection to breath is how you'll get there. At her vinyasa classes, expect to begin with a strong well-sequenced flow and end with complete relaxation.

Adrienne loves long meditative walks with her dog Butler and restorative cuddling with her dog Dante. They teach her so much about love, happiness, and acceptance and she is forever grateful to them.

courtney bell

“In order to practice bring an inner fire, constant study and devotion to spiritual connection are required." Yoga sutra 2.1

Courtney ignites you to strengthen your core and find your balance on and off the mat.  She works to fire your devotion to practice. The asana practice she offers is to help you connect your pranayama and prathyara to explore your path. Courtney uses her training to help her practioners discover pieces of themselves previously unattainable. She works to strengthen your core and find your balance to help navigate life.

Over 15 years ago, Courtney started her yoga path at Moksha Yoga in Chicago. She was introduced to integrating the yoga sutras by Daren Friesen. This led her to connect body, breath, and movement with the mind. She incorporates the sutras into life.

She began her study of teaching yoga with Street Yoga in San Diego. This lead her to explore more about the body and movement and trauma with Bes Van Der Kolk at Kripalu yoga center. She studied 200 hour training at Chakra Power Yoga with Nicole Burrill and Tim Kelleher.

Balance... Breath... Core ...
Come explore.

Maddie Brisbane

Yoga has been a daily practice, whether it be on or off the mat, for the past five years. Forever a student, Maddie’s yoga journey begins and deepens with each new day.  She believes that from within we can unlock the potential to bring forth our truest selves, and for her, yoga has been the key to this work. Maddie is an avid traveler, musician, crafter, and ocean/nature lover who loves to blend creativity with movement. One day she will live in an ocean shack complete with a full set of paddleboards and many, many puppies. 

She recently completed her 200 YTT at YogaWorks Boston with Renee LeBlanc and Caitlyn Graham Visconte, and teaches at shelters in the greater Boston area with non-profit organization, Breathe and Believe Yoga. Maddie believes that yoga has shown her that from within, we can unlock the potential to bring forth our truest selves. 

Kathy Cohen

Kathy found yoga over 10 years ago after experiencing a hamstring injury. In the first class she fell in love with the practice. Yoga relieved her physical injury; but more remarkable was the tranquility she felt on her mat. Kathy regards yoga invaluable in handling life’s ups and downs, so she teaches to share the gifts of the practice. Kathy believes yoga allows practitioners to genuinely connect with their inner nature so they find greater ease and simplicity in living life. 

Believing that yoga is a constantly evolving process with no end to the learning, Kathy considers herself a lifelong student of yoga and life’s teachings. She is deeply grateful to all her teachers. In Kathy’s class students can expect guided movement founded on breath, an incorporation of props for modifications, options for challenge, and a sense of humor. Having completed her 300 Hour training with Sacred Seeds Yoga School she is an RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She is also certified in Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, The Science of Rolling (Yoga Tuneup) and Balanced Athlete – Level 1.

Talia Glickman-Simon


Shannon Fraher

Shannon Fraher stumbled upon yoga in 2003 at a small studio on Michigan that quickly felt like home.  Exercise had never ben an important part in her life: everything was either to competitive or just felt wrong in her body.  The day she first stepped on her mat was the day she knew she had found something special and long lasting.  Over the years, the benefits to her physical and emotional body have been amazing.  And it wasn’t long before she knew that she had to train so she could share these same benefits with others.

Shannon did her 200hr training in 2012 with Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti and her 500hr training in 2015 with Rolf Gates, Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti.  She is also certified in Reiki and Balanced Athlete L1 trained.  She has taken her training to the mat in the form of light hearted, relaxing and informative class.

When not on her mat, she enjoys reading, a good cooking competition show and spending time with her four legged family.

Amelia Gratta

Beatrice Sullivan

About 10 years ago, Beatrice found herself dealing with a “life crisis”. Unlike other times, this time she just wasn't able to shake it off. She was feeling down and depressed and was running out of options of things to do to bring herself back to herself. One day a good friend happened to call and in hopes of making her feel better, invited her to take a yoga class. 

For years she had heard about the amazing benefits all of which she could use in her life. She had always been intimidated by yoga – she was never long and lean and probably the least flexible person ever. But she had to try something, so she went. It was a 90 minute heated vinyasa class. She went back again the next day, and the next, and the next. She went every day for about 3 weeks. Quite honestly she can’t explain what each class was doing but everyday felt stronger, happier and more at peace with where she was, even though it was an uncomfortable place. 

As the years went on, Beatrice found that every time she found herself dealing with a similar situation she would pour myself into her practice and every time it gave her exactly what she needed. She decided to find a way to make it a bigger part of her life. She completed her 200 hour training in January 2014 at Prana Power Yoga. Her favorite part of teaching yoga is showing people that while it can be challenging and strengthening to your body, it can also be soothing, loving, and nurturing. There is so much more to yoga then doing a split or standing on your head. All these years later she is amazed at what she discovers about herself mentally, physically and emotionally every time she steps onto her mat.

Kris Cox

“More than a few times in my life I’ve had to be put back together again.   During all those major milestones, yoga has always been an integral element in my healing and feeling whole.  I practice yoga to live.  I teach yoga because I think it offers something for everyone.” 

Kris has practiced yoga for the past 15 years at various studios throughout Boston and the South Shore. She truly believes yoga is for everyone and loves to be around when someone who may take a yoga class once a week as a stress reliever or a workout realizes they do indeed have “a yoga practice”. This happens when one’s actions on the mat vibrates into what they do off the mat, infusing itself into their everyday lives. You simply can’t prevent the two worlds from meeting and when they do – it’s amazing to witness. When this moment happened for Kris, she felt compelled to share it with others and teach yoga for everyday life. Kris offers a thoughtful, deliberate, powerful class with something for all levels. Kris is humbled to share her passion for yoga with others.   

Kris completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification course under Nicole Burrill and Tim Kelleher.

susan doherty

As a busy mother of four sons, Susan needed an outlet. Twelve years ago she found her mat and hasn’t looked back since. Finding yoga has allowed her to open her heart, strengthen her body and find quiet in the chaos. Her focus while teaching is always on the student.  Alignment, breath and self-awareness are keys to her teaching style. She completed her 200 hour level teacher training in 2012 and completed her 500 hour training with Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti.

Susan believes that yoga is for every body and she continues to study with teachers who inspire creative and thoughtful sequencing. She has spent time studying and traveling with Baron Baptiste, Kathryn Budig, and was recently certified by Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa, as a Core Strength Vinyasa instructor. Believing that knowledge of anatomy and safe alignment are keys to a successful class; Susan continues to study with Leslie Kaminoff of the Breathing Project in New York City. For the past five years, Susan has been sharing her love of vinyasa and hatha yoga class throughout the south shore. Her classes are nurturing and challenging for the mind, body and spirit. Her hope for her students is that they leave their mat feeling energized, rejuvenated and refreshed. In addition to her yoga training, Susan is also a certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner and a certified Level One Balanced Athlete Coach.

Nikki Gendron

Nikki found yoga while looking to invigorate her exercise routine with a new physical challenge. She unexpectedly experienced a stillness and a sense of calm that drew her attention to yoga's impact on the mind. Although she couldn't define it she knew this is what she had been looking for. As this new facet of her life emerged she took inspiration from her instructors and decided to take the 200 YTT at Stil studio.

She is trained in a Fluid Vinyasa style yoga as well as Spa/ restorative yoga. Nikki also works with a non profit organization called bodhi & mind , which is dedicated to working with breast cancer survivors.

You can expect her classes to to provide a fun physical challenge that will keep you on your toes while calming the mind and unveiling inner strength. You can expect to smile (maybe even laugh) while she weaves in bits of philosophy from her life experiences.

Vladimir Ivzhich

Yoga has provided Vladimir with a healing outlet from years of stress of working in the fast-paced financial services and investment management industries. He experienced so much improvement in his physical health and overall wellbeing that he felt that it is his calling to share all of the benefits of yoga and other healing arts with people.

Vladimir was lucky to learn from many teachers, but he is especially grateful for the guidance of David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund from South Boston Yoga where he completed RYT 200-hour teacher training. He is also an experienced qigong, energy work and Taoist meditation teacher.

Vladimir’s classes combine a deliberate explanation of sequences and poses with plenty of stillness and safe space to help students develop their own intuitive understanding of the body and mind through mindful movement and breath. His classes offer an opportunity for students to experience a vigorous flow followed by a deep and meditative rest. Because of his experience in energy work and martial arts, occasionally, he shares his insights into how various yoga poses and skills are applicable to other arts. 

Elissa O'Neill

Elissa found her way to yoga after twenty years in dance as a way to continue connecting mind and body in a beautiful way. She loves breaking down challenging poses to their basic elements with creatively sequenced flows and watching fellow yogis expand their physical practices. Elissa completed her 200-hour training with Nicole and Tim in 2017; she is thrilled to keep growing her garden with the CPY community.


Emily first found her way into a yoga studio in her early twenties. Having spent most of her life avoiding sports and physical activities, discovering yoga was an amazing opportunity to realize her physical strength and find connection to herself. Over the last ten years, she has continued to explore the depth of what yoga has to offer.

As her connection to yoga continues to grow, so does her ability to be open to this practice.  Emily teaches to offer that same space for exploration, expansion and stability to students. As a mother of three young kids, she realizes that life is busy, fast and intense.  Yoga is a place to find quiet strength and a grace to carry back out into the world. 

She completed her 200-hour vinyasa teacher training with Tim Kelleher and Nicole Burrill at Chakra Power Yoga in 2016.

TIM KELLEHER - Teacher Training

A steady practice helped Tim heal from years of physical and emotional trauma, reconnect with his body, focus his mind and bring a sense of joy and clarity into his daily life.

He stumbled upon a primary series at a gym in 2003 and has been on a mat ever since.

Tim instruction draws on a wide range of styles and movement modalities to create joyful, powerful flows. He believes a healthy body leads to a deeper breathe; deeper breathe leads to a quiet mind, and a quiet mind opens up a happy heart.

Tim is a ERYT 200 and has studied with Kate Greer and Nicole Clark and Schuyler Grant. He is currently working on an advanced certification with Sondra Loring. He is grateful for the Boston yoga community and particularly those studio owners who have provided safe space, wise guidance and and high standards.

It is his honor to be able to share his practice with his students - to sweat and play and fly and maybe share a little peace.