Membership Matters

At Chakra Power Yoga, our members allow us to provide outstanding yoga in spacious and gracious studio spaces. Memberships allow you unlimited visits to our regularly scheduled weekly classes. Workshops, trainings, retreats and some special events are not included. Everything coded as "regular class pricing applies" is included for you!

Memberships cost $119/month and make sense if you practice at least 2 times a week.

Since we have just opened in Hanover we are offering Founders Memberships at crazy low prices. We still have a handful left at $69/month and 10 available at $79/month. Memberships can be used at all studios but you must take the majority of your classes in Hanover to keep your discount! These prices make sense even if you can only come to 1 class a week.

New? Grab our New Member Special, it‘s only $89 and offers you a one month trial of unlimited classes at all studios. Start at any time, and if you love us (which we know you will) you can sign up for our monthly unlimited auto/renew membership for $89 month ($30 savings every month).

Auto-renew memberships run on the 1st of every month and require a 30 day cancellation. The price of your membership will not go up but in order to honor these great prices a $15 fee will be assessed to declined credit card transactions. 

Pauses/freezes to monthly memberships may be allowed due to medical reasons or travel but please remember we need at least 30 days notification to alter your membership payment schedule. 

Want to join or need to cancel? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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